Odins Blend Ground Coffee

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Medium Dark Roast Ground Coffee


2 reviews for Odins Blend Ground Coffee

  1. Lee Burton (verified owner)

    Well, finally opened up and tried Odin’s Blend coffee from Warlock Meadery, as apparently I had to finish off my open coffee first. First of all on opening the packet I was welcomed with a lovely aroma, warm coffee smell. Not settling on that alone, I have been caught out before with coffee that smelt great but didn’t cut the mustard on the taste. I like a good strong but smooth coffee – and this hit the mark, smooth but good strong coffee flavour. Please note, you don’t need the amount that I have to resort to from some of the high street brands.

  2. Jason

    Lovely coffee.. I’m on my third cup already this morning and I think I can taste colours! 😳 going for a run now back in a few days! Honestly tho, I got this as a set and I didn’t think I would enjoy this as much as I do. Best coffee I’ve had in a while!

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